5 Reasons Why Your Beards Grows Faster Than Usual.

Why some men experience rapid beard growth and others don’t.

Photo by Gabriella-Claire-Marino at unsplash

Beards in males is essentially aesthetic, it provides a feeling of comfort and a good self-esteem, as well as a proper ‘self-outlook’. It has also been reported to be a trigger for some ladies and ‘turns them on’ especially when it is well kempt or well groomed.

Growth of facial hairs(beards) as part of the secondary sexual characteristics in males is expected to begin from pubertal ages of 12 to 16 years.

Many men will sport the beginnings of a mustache and a few sprigs of chin hair years before the rest of their beard starts to surface.

Some men see their full beard come in when they’re as young as 18 or 19. Others may continue to have sparse areas of growth until their mid-to-late 20s or even later.

Some men may never achieve the beard of their dreams.

Genetics and hormones play a large role in determining how quickly and fully your beard will ultimately grow. Health and lifestyle habits can also play a part.

For genetics, traits including the volume and distribution of facial hair to which beards and mustache are included are inherited from parents. The mistakes usually encountered here is the thought that ‘your facial hair volume and distribution is solely a replica of your dad’s’…this is not always the case most times as it is also dependent on the maternal grandfather’s pattern. This is why amongst other reasons that volume and distribution of facial hair can be dissimilar among male siblings of a family.

As regards hormonal effect; testosterone a steroid hormone secreted in high amount by the male testes and to a lesser extent in the adrenal cortex plays a major role in stimulating hair growth and other secondary sexual characteristics observed in males at puberty.

A variant/derivative of testosterone known as Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) is more potent than testosterone and has 2 to 3 times greater androgen receptor affinity than testosterone and is mainly responsible for this function as it is secreted in significant amount in the hair follicles.

It is worthy of note that in men, approximately 5% of testosterone undergoes 5alpha-reduction by 5alpha-reductase to DHT.

The activity of this enzyme depends on the genetic make up of the individual(non-modifiable factor) as well as lifestyle(modifiable factor) of the individual.

It has been observed that after the achievement of the desired volume and distribution of beards in males, some men tends to experience a rapid hair growth after routine shaving compared to others. Sometimes it can even become worrisome.

The following are the possible reasons why hair growth is faster in some men than the others;

  1. Genetic makeup

2. Engagement in physical activities.

3) Getting enough sleep

4. Eating balanced diet

5. Consumption of fruits or supplements containing some vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E


In summary, rate of hair growth depends on genetic make-up, hormonal milleu as well as lifestyle.