The ‘Answerless’ Question.

Based on a true life experience.

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Ever wonder why it’s sometimes very difficult to get the right answer to a question, or a thought maybe. Well, here is a classical case of that.

How it all began

Here is the story of a male in his early 20s who has had several setbacks virtually throughout the entirety of his teenage, adolescent and adult life till this point. He literally had to work or struggle to get something done, nothing comes cheap and easy for him. Has had to struggle through junior high, high school, and college as well, as regards passing of exams, financial buoyancy and at the same time having an unstable relationship life. For instance, he has got to write an important upgrading exam for atleast 4 different times before passing and has never been able to sustain a relationship for more than a 4months period. Suffice to say at this point that the index character here is a hardworking, goodlooking, charming, social and responsible young man who has had no criminal record, has never been convicted, does not engage in any of the common vices. He hails from a polygamous setting, has 10 siblings, out of which 5 are older females.


On a particular day, he began to ask himself why is he struggling in life, why are his sisters finding it difficult to get married and get settled?

Then he suddenly ‘remembered’ that while he was in his first and early second decade of life, he was made to have sexual intercourse with atleast three of his elder sisters on different and several occasions; cunnilingus at times, and sometimes normal vaginal sex. None of the sisters knew if he had it with any of them. In a typical African society context, such act of ‘incest’ is believed to be followed by grave consequences most of which impact negatively on the future of such perpetrator. Now therefore he believes he is being hunted by his past and this is why him and his sisters are passing through difficulties and do not know what to do.

The question(s)!

Now that he is a grown up, could it be that;

  • He actually never really had any sexual intimacy with his sisters, his brain is just playing pranks on him? As we all know, majority of early childhood memories are discarded with no trace. However, it is believed that most times we forget the good memories but the bad ones stays with us(though this will apply more to adolescent period memories and not early childhood period).
  • If he did committed the act, will that qualify more as incest or as rape? Note that the sisters in question were strictly monitored at the time and was never allowed to hang out with their peers, so they were most times left at home with their brother. Also, the child never reported the act to his parents if it did happened or not at the time.
  • If he did committed the act, is he being punished for his wrong doing? Considering the fact that he was a minor at the time, but a minor who knew not to report to parents and seems to have perceived the act as pleasurable considering the frequency of episodes.
  • Being a calm, caring and loving gentleman, is he just unconsciously trying to take the fall or blame for his sisters predicaments?
  • Is this his ways coping with his challenges?
  • He is very much convinced that it did happened but a part of him tells him its not real that he is just imagining the thought and it never really happened. But that will mean every childhood memories he has about himself is questionable at best.
  • In his search for the truth, can he ask his sisters if it really happened?
  • What can he possibly do to know the truth?

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