The ‘Answerless’ Question.

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The question(s)!

  • He actually never really had any sexual intimacy with his sisters, his brain is just playing pranks on him? As we all know, majority of early childhood memories are discarded with no trace. However, it is believed that most times we forget the good memories but the bad ones stays with us(though this will apply more to adolescent period memories and not early childhood period).
  • If he did committed the act, will that qualify more as incest or as rape? Note that the sisters in question were strictly monitored at the time and was never allowed to hang out with their peers, so they were most times left at home with their brother. Also, the child never reported the act to his parents if it did happened or not at the time.
  • If he did committed the act, is he being punished for his wrong doing? Considering the fact that he was a minor at the time, but a minor who knew not to report to parents and seems to have perceived the act as pleasurable considering the frequency of episodes.
  • Being a calm, caring and loving gentleman, is he just unconsciously trying to take the fall or blame for his sisters predicaments?
  • Is this his ways coping with his challenges?
  • He is very much convinced that it did happened but a part of him tells him its not real that he is just imagining the thought and it never really happened. But that will mean every childhood memories he has about himself is questionable at best.
  • In his search for the truth, can he ask his sisters if it really happened?
  • What can he possibly do to know the truth?




Writer|Medical Doctor

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Ola John

Ola John

Writer|Medical Doctor

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